Jobbott is an application of commercial and financial operations, focused on the facilitation and optimization of business processes, its functions are divided into two types of users; Paid user who has the right to manage their production center or their company, as well as access to all settings offered by the tool, and the free user who can only access news and notifications from the companies to which he follows or with which he/she relates.

This application is developed for Android operating systems, versions higher than 8, and Windows 10, it is characterized by being adaptable to the specific needs of the user. In addition, it is scalable to the extent that the user requires it in functions and scope. The system consists of a base software that is the application as such, which is free to use and some additional packages that are for which the user would pay for its use, in those packages are all commercial and transactional functionalities.

Its main functions are:

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